Welcome to 3rd Gen Machine

What started as a family run shop over 60 years ago in Northern California, has now developed into one of the most widely respected and visionary CNC machine shops in the western United States, now known as 3rd Gen Machine.

But what makes 3rd Gen Machine different? It’s in the people who run our machines and the vision to turn any concept to a working reality. With over high performance 18 CNC machines, 3D Printing, and Laser Engraving, 3rdGen has capabilities to handle any project no matter how large or small.

Located in the beautiful Cache Valley of the Northern Utah Wasatch Range, 3rd Gen Machine employees talented individuals who are passionate about the machining industry, while providing you the best customer service and quality anywhere.

We start with your concept. Our on-site engineers take that concept and create a computer-generated model from which our 18 world-class machines and their operators, turn that model into reality. From there we beat blast the product to ensure the highest quality and then if you want, we add the personal touch on your product with a high powered laser engraving system that ensures that your logo and serial number is on there for life. We are capable of shipping anywhere you need and providing your product in a timely manner to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

Trusted by multiple companies in Firearms, Aerospace, Medical, Oil and Gas, and the High-Tech Industries. 3rd Gen Machine is the right shop to meet your needs and give you the right experience that will have you coming back again and again.

We look forward to serving all your machining needs for years to come. We know you’ll love the difference experiencing with the 3rd Gen Touch.


Evan Jones