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Our Equipment

14 horizontal MoriSeiki SH-400 & SH403 Machines

  • CNC control
  • 2 and 3 pallet capability
  • 4-sided, tombstone pallets with double vice jaws on each side
  • Automated pallet changer
  • Automated high-capacity tool change
  • Custom aluminum extrusions available for low to high production

3 vertical MoriSeiki SV-400 & SV50 Machines

  • CNC control
  • Mold-making capabilities
  • Hand-size to 20"-plus larger part capabilities

3 Hammond Roto-Finish

  • Deburring, polishing, buffing, brushing, tumbling, burnishing, washing, and cleaning parts in preparation for plating
    Painting and/or anodizing is contracted out with quick response times.

Smartskim unit

  • This unit provides us recycling capabilities that exceed state regulations. Our machine pump life and tooling life have increased 3 fold due to this exceptional piece of engineering. It is hands off maintenance free, reduces the annual consumption of coolants, and provides us with a competitive edge for our customers due to all these savings!
Trinco DP850 Dry Blast unit

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