The History

Milling 3rd Gen Machine is becoming ISO 9001 certified.

Green Shop
We re-use all coolant with our smartskim unit. It allows us to be clean and only produce waste from material.

Our vertical and horizontal machines provide speed and accuracy in aluminum machining.

Striving for Lean
Lean is driven by application, educating short term mistakes into long term improvements, and creating lean leaders from every employee. We are a lean manufacturing company and it has provided us with great success and customer satisfaction. Matching our lean goals with our employee culture is what provides us with the first stage improvement ideas from our employees. The ideas that come from our team here stem from the trust and promise that we will try anything guided towards increased efficiency and customer gratification. This commitment is what drives our team here at 3rd Gen Machine to become more efficient at even the smallest details, providing our customers with quality satisfaction.

3rd Gen Machine

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